At the center of this story are two sisters. Claressa is older than Briana by 18 months. Like most people in Flint, the two girls grew up tough. Their dad was in jail for the first half of their lives. Their mother battles with substance abuse. In a sad sense, a typical Flint upbringing. Except for one difference. When she was 11, Claressa went to the local boxing gym and started training. Ten years later, she is the best female boxer in the world.

Rex is about these two sisters in Flint. For most people, being from Flint is like being in quicksand. Generational poverty has taken its toll. There are no jobs. There are no resources. There are no easy solutions. There is no easy way out. Claressa is the exception. Briana is the rule. And while on paper Claressa is the golden child and Briana is the trouble child, it’s more complicated than that. In another town, this might be a different story. But they’re not in another town.

Designed by Teun van der Heijden. Published by Contrasto.